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Wastewaterderived Data

Data from municipal wastewater treatment plants: An exploration of the utility to public health, environment, climate and security.


Municipal wastewater is said to mirror society as it contains a mixture of everything that occurs in a city. Sewage chemical information monitoring (SCIM) is a discipline aimed at mining the wastewater for data to support measures of health, security and the environment in a region. Much of the potential of SCIM has yet to be utilized, and in Norway there is little known regional activity.

This project will engage public sector and research institutes in the fields of health, environment and security, and explore opportunities where wastewater data can be of value to their respective missions, and agree on future collaboration, research and innovation. Sub-goals are to:

  • Collate demonstration datasets
  • Interview public sector partners and research institutes to explore untapped potential of wastewater data
  • Identify societal challenges for which wastewater may provide solutions
  • Formulate future collaboration and/or innovative research
  • Disseminate conclusions to interested parties



Økonomisk prosjektstøtte

Wastewaterderived Data er støttet med forprosjektmidler fra RFF HOVED på inntil 950 000 kroner.


Norsk institutt for vannforskning, NIVA.